System control, intelligence and coordination Map 21
System control, intelligence and coordination Map 21

Dear airsofters, we want to introduce you to our project of management and exploration. Surely many of you still remember BattleTac and its failure. We are serious about bringing the topic back to life and accomplishing it.

The system has been under development for six months, and the other day we did finally bring it to the alpha testing. We would be happy to receive your feedback! Those who will have questions please write in here, we will check the stability of the system.

System features:
- Your raster maps download with reference to the coordinates
- Information synchronization on the map of the players of one side
- Ability to work offline on the already loaded map (navigation, labels)
- Possibility of giving instructions to the players
- Ability to send text messages
- Audible signal about getting directions
- Night mode (mute the screen)
- Automatic grid map (1 km / 100 m)

- Creating routes
- Navigation (azimuth - distance)
- The possibility of GPS tracking and GPS position determination on demand.
One of the main advantages - without the constant use of GPS the device battery lasts for 5-8 hours of work. To provide a longer use duration additional batteries or power banks can be used.
We shot a video clip describing the idea. Frankly speaking the software shown in the video is out of date, but if anyone gets interested – here is help for detailed instructions.

- In short, it looks like follows

1. Register on the site
2. Enter into a team (or create yours)
3. Create a map and a script and add your team for one of the parties
4. Then you can start the program on your mobile device and log in with the same username and password. It is better to make the first connection to the map with 3G or Wifi, because it is necessary to download the backing card, then you can use 2G.
Before use check the following Android settings
1. Wireless Networks - Mobile network – tick  "Only 2G networks"
2. Accounts and synchronization - tick "Background data", tick off  "Auto synchronization"
3. It is better to remove the “GPS tracking” from the settings, otherwise GPS automatically switches on with all the commands and the battery charge is exposed to a great consumption.