Release history of Map 21
Release history of Map 21

October 1, 2012

The interface:

- Added English

New functions:

- Changes in the getting position of the player, is implemented discrete mode GPS receiver allows to extend the battery life
- Changed algorithm of obtaining the coordinates of a single
- Fixed a low accuracy of the coordinates
- Changed the update mechanism, now the user automatically selects the frequency of map updates and their coordinates.
- Fixed a crash when exiting the program
- Changed the authorization mechanism added a message about a new version
- Added a message history

August 29, 2012

The interface:
- Russian
- Colours
- Menu now have to locate functions
- Resize buttons and menus for different screen resolutions
- Increased effective area
- Changed the mechanism of the zoom is now convenient slider
- Support for landscape and portrait display format.
- Mode TouchLight - not to shut down the economy mode - and your finger becomes the maximum brightness, look, let go and the screen will go out again.

By functional functional
- 3 modes - editor / management / energy efficiency
- Changed the navigation mechanism, now instead of 2 arrows with different courses -
only one indicating the direction of the target. Just go to it and come forward showing.
- Disabled manual control GPS. Now it automatically turns on when receiving commands and move to the goal and off achievement.
- Mode command with feedback. You can give a command when receiving player acknowledges the job and starts executing.
- Play a sound when you receive a new order.