About MAP 21...
About MAP 21...

“MAP 21” system - is a software complex with following main purposes: advance operations planning, putting reconassistance info on the map, and coordination of operational groups during execution of orders.

Operations planning means creating waypoints and current mission goals, marking different map areas using geomitric figures (look above), using layers for grouping map objects and mass processing of them (look below).

Reconassistance of territory means marking enem, friendly, neutral and unknown unins on map, writing their quantity, group type, direction of movement or observation and syncing this info between users. Futhermore, system remember the time of last editing of map item to give user ability to analyze actuality of information.

Coordination functionality consist of: ability of flexible splittion users at groups, which are located in hierarchy; giving order of observation sector, movement point, attacking object, reconasistance area, defense point etc. to subordinate units and groups; observing order execution in real time plus viewing orders of all nearest units; monitoring statuses of units, which gives ability to call help immidiatly or assess the situation in the area; suitable compass for subordinates, which display current azimuth, target azimuth and leader azimuth, respecting magnetic derevation in current area.

One additional feature of this system is built-in scripting language, which allows e.g. script users' interaction with the environment like in computer games. It improves the efficiency of the field exercise and decrease the time and in some cases the financial costs of their organization. You do not need to drive across the territory and mark it or put some objects in real world – all this can be done virtually in the headquaters. You can change plans of your exercises during their execution.


Thus, following main features can be noted:

  • Instant identification friend or foe during operation;
  • Surveillance of critical sites in near real time (VIPs, UAVs);
  • Quick synchronization of reconassistance data between units;
  • Instant issuing orders and monitoring of its implementation;
  • Intuitive navigation system and alerts for subordinates;
  • Monitoring the status of each unit on the battlefield;
  • Secure link between units;
  • Ability to organize effective filed exedrcises.


From technical point of view MAP 21 system - is a client-server architecture where WEB server is responsible for user registry and units structure, storing library of maps and operation scenarios, synchroniation of objects on map between user, and the Android client is a visual user interface that displays information, deposited by the current user, and coming back from the server from other users. As  for communication channel, it can be any link which use TCP/IP protocol. For example GSM link, sattelite connection, Wi-Fi network. Data security depends on a particular link. In the future we plan to implement data transfer via any radio device using APRS/AFSK protocol.


On practice interaction with the system is as follows:

  • Headquaters are equiped with big tablets or notebooks with ablilty to output information on big screens;
  • Field commanders equiped with secure chest strap for middle size tablets and, transceivers or satellite radio connection plus solar batteries at will.
  • Subordinates are equiped with patches planchette or phone fastenings on the shank, and optional satellite communication devices or simply connect to a satellite communication device of unit commander via Wi-Fi.


Software bundle «MAP21» - is a powerfull tool for modern military units, security agencies, police patrols. System can be used in civil area for sporting events: airsoft, paintball, orienteering, quests etc.